In order for the application to work well and to promote the efficiency, the initial configuration step before use is an extremely important step.
With this document will help you easily configure the device to work properly.
One and note you need to know before you can configure your device.
You already have an account on the SMASpy system and make sure the account you are using has been upgraded with the appropriate license package. Opening an account on the SMASpy system, buying a license and applying that license to your account can easily refer to the previous documents.

Now let's get started.

Please agree to our terms of use. You can easily refer to our official website for terms of use

Please disable google play protect:

The exploitation of some data caused google to rate the secureclone application as a malicious application so turning off google play protect is a necessary step.

-In order for the application to access some resources, authorize the application. Some basic rights such as acess call log, sms, file ... All rights will be asked in turn and you just accept

The data that the application access is listed in the data policy if not clear you can review Privacy Policy

The application running in the background will cause your android system to force the application to stop working when battery saving mode is enabled. So stop optimizing battery usage.

Enable Accessibility.

Normally the application will stop when reboot but with the SMASpy app. Requiring the application to always run as a service is required. This step will keep the application running even if you reboot your device.

Finally some functions like gps will need to allow notifications so follow the instructions you will allow the app to receive notifications on the device.

To get the app ready for its great functions, log in.

What are you waiting for, discover the utilities that the application can ang back for you