The license is distributed through our partner BeeCheckout, our trusted software vendor.
It's easy to buy a SecureClone license package sold by BeeCheckout, a trusted partner.
With a few mouse clicks you can easily buy.
Some information you need to know before buying a license:


  • You need a legitimate email to receive a license when the system recognizes you have successfully paid for your order.
  • You can create yourself an account on the BeeCheckout system to be more convenient to use for the next time as well as receive incentives from BeeChecout for new members.
  • The information about bank accounts, credit ... is completely confidential, you can also read more about BeeCheckout's privacy policy.
  • To make it safer to trade online, we recommend that you only buy licenses at BeeCheckout which is a reputable partner and we do not provide licenses on any other systems.

Here are some steps to help you buy a license to use SecureClone's service:

First of all, please give yourself a suitable package but to experience all the great features of SecureClone we recommend that you choose Premium.

Once you have selected and clicked on the appropriate package, the system will redirect you to the payment page. don't worry because this is the payment page of the BeeCheckout system, we have trusted and chosen to place our store on this system so you can rest assured.

Please continue to complete the necessary information for the buyer as well as the person who will receive this license. A valid email will be needed for a quick purchase.You can also use discount codes here.

You will be reviewed carefully for the information you provided again.

Finally, enter your paypal account or credit card information to complete the payment process. Account information will be completely confidential.
The license will be sent to the email you declared earlier.
It will take you a minute or two to receive an email, otherwise check the trash folder.

After receiving the license, please see How to apply a license package for SecureClone account.